We guarantee delivery lead times of seven working days all around Europe


We ensure 12-month door-to-door warranty


We sell and recondition gearboxes for both passenger cars and trucks

Gear-Service's quality

By choosing the appropriate solutions, we are always capable of providing customers with optimised offerings, which makes the services we deliver the best in terms of quality and translates itself directly into customer satisfaction.
We always follow the 2-in-1 principle as we sell products of the best European manufacturers and provide a fully professional repair of manual gearboxes. We are aware of the fact that customer satisfaction comes with the final product, and so we combine professionalism with quality in all endeavours we undertake.

Competence and reliability in the work performed are the standards that drive us every day. We know that in order to take care of our own success, we must care for our customers, therefore the quality of the services we render is invariably at its highest level.