We guarantee delivery lead times of seven working days all around Europe


We ensure 12-month door-to-door warranty


We sell and recondition gearboxes for both passenger cars and trucks

Gear-Service’s professionalism

We pursue the idea of being the best as we acquire the expertise and know-how from worldwide leaders. This is exactly how we have managed to win a great deal of trusted customers for whom we are the synonym of safety on the road. Commissioning us to repair manual gearboxes is the smartest way to spend money for passenger car owners, companies using leased cars or any other service recipients (corporations, transport companies).

All tasks we perform are treated with the utmost diligence. We are perfectly aware of the difference between driving a car with all components fully operational and one with defected parts; therefore, we only sell products of the best manufacturers or, as the need be, recondition gearboxes in a manner ensuring that 100% of their capacity is attained.

Safety is a notion that cannot be measured; hence the professionalism of all services we render is our point of honour.